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History of DTAP

Dance Training & Accreditation Partnership (DTAP) represents a major, dance sector-led strategic initiative, and brings together a consortium of leading national organisations committed to building capacity and removing barriers to participation in dance by people of all ages and abilities.

DTAP began in 2006 as a collective response to an increasing concern about the lack of recognised professional standards and qualifications at an appropriate level that equip dance professionals/artists for the nature and range of work that they are undertaking with children and young people. This reflected the shared belief that the quality of dance provision for young people rests on the quality of the dance artists and practitioners delivering it.


  • Enhance the quality of the leadership and facilitation of participatory dance for people at all stages of their development and points of engagement with dance
  • Build capacity in the dance sector to develop a workforce qualified and skilled to meet demand
  • Take forward work to develop regulation of dance leadership, teaching and facilitation in the informal sector
  • Develop greater communication and collaboration across the dance sector on issues of quality, standards and good practice

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